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Book Deal

Hello there, I have a special deal for you this day. My First book is on sale for an entire week at 20% off. Check it out on LuLu: and spread the word around to your friends. Thank you and have a bless day.

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In the land of Agnes, during the departure of King Jacob, Reuben the eldest prince sleeps with his father’s wife and the mother of his younger brothers Gad and Asher. The betrayal is quickly found out with Zabrina’s banishment and several princes being dethroned. Lust and succubi quickly flow through the City of Adam, destroying the peace it once had. Gad and Asher become known as sons of a whore as their very brotherhood and lives come into danger. With seducing women from pagans to succubi with sexual herbs the princes of the castle become the focus of every ones attention. The brothers must figure out what is truly happening to their lives as all twelve of their already dissolving bonds break out to the point of war among themselves.
And a eBook is coming soon.

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Dear Poet lovers out there if you feel the world needs some serious inspiration and want to question the way you think then enjoy this lovely gift.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is my fourth and final online series, until I finish one of them. Please don’t actually try any of these things except for the bible reading and reciting the words from the bible. The mark in the story came from an idea of something my pastor said. This is to have a total of 108 chapters. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Chapter One: Fall into the Holy Water
Daniel sat at the edge of his bed with his head bowed and hands interlocked on his lap, praying. Daniel possessed light brown skin, spiked snow white hair, and a lean muscular figure, being only twenty-five. He wore sandals and long black shorts that went over his knees. Daniel had finished his prayer to open his enlighten green eyes.
Daniel rose from his bed. He headed for the other side of the room, grabbing his silk black shirt from the wooden chair that was beside the cut out window that was made from clay. He stopped in front of the full length mirror when he pulled down the shirt from over his head.
“Do you really have to go?” a woman’s voice carried from the other side of the room. Daniel turned to see his wife, Samantha in the corner of the room next to their bed. Samantha who was only twenty was a lovely girl. She was lighter and thinner than her husband, having big hips and long black hair like night that was covered by a dirty brown veil. She wore a similar color grown that fell down below her feet. She carried a coat of many colors in her arms. “This is a very dangerous mission.”
Daniel said nothing. He stepped to her; each step echoed on the rock floor. Once he was in front of his wife he grabbed onto the coat she held. He gazed down into Samantha’s ocean color eyes. “God did not give me the spirit of fear I will do as the lord has told me.”
Samantha gazed lowered toward the ground. A running of tears formed in the young lady’s eyes as if she was losing her heart right before her eyes. “But I don’t wish you to die.”
“If you are worry about my life,” Daniel began. Samantha brought her gaze up to him. A small smirk appeared on his face. “Then pray every day that I am gone that I may return alive to you. If it is God’s will I will return back to you. If it is not God’s will he will provide comfort for you.”
“But my soul belongs to you.”
“Your soul belongs to God not me,” Daniel told her firmly. He softened his voice before he continued. “Stay faithful to him first and me second, my love.” He took the coat from her and tossed it onto his shoulders. He kissed her on the lips. “This is farewell, my love.” He headed for the door on the right side where he exited the room.
A bible held by a belt tied to Daniel’s waist bounced against his leg as he ran. Daniel ran through the empty city. The streets were covered in sand and the buildings were made from clay and rock. Daniel kept his vision straight for a moment, before he gazed at the building on his right.
Daniel leaped over to the building, grabbing onto the second floor window with one hand. He quickly scaled up the remaining six floors to pull himself onto the roof. He stood up. Daniel stared in the south direction of the building. At the end of the city was a large black gate that reached over eighty feet tall. The wind in the air pushed Daniel’s clothes and hair to the side. “So that’s the Devil’s Gate.”
Inside the Devil’s Gate, Daniel walked through the stone brick hallway. The hallway was lit with torches and doors scaled down both sides. Echoes of women screaming out in sexual orgy, men ordering more food and blood corroding screams filled the hall from the many rooms on the floor. Daniel kept his eyes focused on the darkness that was ahead of him.
As he made it further down the hall he heard less of one sound and more of another. Screams became louder in an ugly lust mixed in with a few darken screams. Daniel’s own steps could barely be heard. His posture was straight, marching almost like a relax solider.
Approximately twenty feet in front of Daniel was a large wooden door the height of the hallway. The numerous doors that scaled the hall stopped at this point, being replaced by lengthy warrior maidens and warrior men stone statues, holding up their swords to the sky. Daniel walked straight past the first half of them, then the eyes from these warrior’s came alive, shifting toward the man.
The stone mouths opened that released devilish screams so loud that every noise that once was coming from the other rooms halted. Daniel latched his hands over his ears, shutting his eyes. Daniel’s knees bent. “What is this ungodly sound, ahhhhhhhh!” Daniel lifted his head up to the sky just before he fell out unconscious on the floor. He had dropped on his side with his hands out in front of him.

Two arm guards with arrow point helmets dragged Daniel’s unconscious body into the main room of the Devil’s Gate. The room was made of golden yellow brick. The torches across the large room cast out all darkness from entering and in the very back of the room was a lake.
Standing in front of the lake was a tall man in his early forties. The man was draped in rich greenish gold clothing along with a blue cape, brown boots, and a pentagram around his neck. The man’s skin was just lighter than a tan, his cruel brown hair went down to his bared, and the color of his eyes was as deadly as the sea. “So this was the man that broke into my gate undetected?” the man questioned once they placed Daniel in front of him.
“Yes,” one of the guards said.
“Wake him up.”
The guard on Daniel’s right side let go of him. He balled his metal glove fist, punching the unconscious man across his face. Daniel’s eyes opened slightly automatically casting light into them his vision was fussy until he blinked to clear it up.
Daniel looked up to stare at the forty-something year old man in the face. “Who…” Daniel shut his eyes so tight they trembled. He reopened them fully first spotting the necklace and then the man’s face again. “Where am I? Who are you?”
The forty-year-old shifted his eyes toward the guard on the right. “Remove his clothes and check his arms for any marks.” The two guards removed Daniel’s coat of many colors and then yanked off his shirt. At the top of Daniel’s right arm was a tattoo of a cross with two J’s going dangler from each other on top of it. “I thought something was strange about you. You have the mark of the living God on you. At least that’s what people like you believe.”
Daniel glared at the man. “I see, they made you king of this gate. You’ve been the one to allow the people to follow the father of sin, Satan. You have the people of this land go against God’s teachings and will.”
“I help the people to be happy,” the man claimed. A smug smile had spread across his face, before licking his red make-up lips. “The things you claim to be sin are pleasurable to the body to the mind and souls of man. That is what I provide at the Human Gate.”
“The Lord has told me this gate is no gate for humans,” Daniel spoke boldly. “This is the gate of the devil that will lead everyone in it into the pit.”
“Who do you think you are?”
“I am a man of God,” Daniel answered. “My name means ‘God is my judge’ and I shall do as he commands me.”
The forty-year-old used his hand to brush his bared. “I am king Yaday, keeper of this gate and you claim you’re God who finds my works evil is all powerful if I remember the foolish word well enough.”
“Psalm 53:1, the fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good,” Daniel recited.
“Then why doesn’t he destroy this place? Why not destroy the people?”
“That is why he sent me and he does not destroy the people because he has mercy and love,” Daniel responded. “You built this demonic place over God’s glorious waters and he wants it back.”
Yaday looked back at the lake. “You mean this water behind me. I heard it was blessed by this God himself or was it his great prophets that did the deed.” Yaday wrapped his hand around his chin. “I can’t seem to remember what that last God fool servant said before I killed him.”
“May God have mercy on your soul.”
Yaday turned back around and lowered his arm. “What did you say?”
Daniel rose off the ground. The guards went into charge at the man. Daniel elbowed the guard on the right in the face. The guard stumbled back until he fell on his back. The other guard pointed his spear at Daniel as he moved forward.
Daniel slid to the side, dodging the attack and grabbing the spear. He tripped the man, the man fell right on his face. Daniel took the spear and stabbed it in the man’s hand. An agony scream muffed out of the ground.
Daniel brought his attention back to King Yaday. He dashed around the man, not even giving him enough time to back away. Daniel threw his arms around the sinful king, putting him in a choke hold. King Yaday tried to unlock the man’s arm as he was being pushed back.
The guard that wasn’t stab got up and prepared his weapon. “Stop!”
“In your son Jesus holy name I pray you save this soul today,” Daniel prayed. He continued to move both of them back to the lake.
“Release me you mad man,” the king ordered.
The solider charged with his spear.
“Save him so that he can save those who serve him.” Daniel fell back into the lake, dragging the king down with him. Under the water King Yaday continued his struggle to break free. The pentagram that was around his collar broke off, floating back up to the top on its way up the symbol cracked in several places then scattered and vanished all in a moment. The king’s mouth opened in shock.
Bubbles flowed out of his mouth as they continued to plummet. The king clenched his teeth as well as his eyes. Both their hair waved back and forth by the still liquid. Yaday dropped his hands from the God’s man arms. In the next couple of seconds, he opened his eyes halfway. Light entered his eyes; they fully opened for purity to sink in.
Days later, the Devil’s Gate was being demolished by every man, woman, and child that was in the land. People moved a brick at a time down a line into a pile. Others tore down pillars with the aid of hammers, swords, and spears. Few even blew out the torches in the many halls. The rest of the people who were not working stood in line to get baptize at the holy lake that was still surrounded by brick with the king doing the dipping.
“Acts 1:5-8, “for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in His own authority. “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witness to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,”” Daniel read from his bible.
Daniel read as he walked up the sand hill that was outside the city. He had tied a belt over his shoulder and across his chest that held bottles of holy water and oil. The sandy wind blew his hair and clothes to the side.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Intense romance scene

This is a scene I wrote yesterday. I tried to create a intense, yet romantic scene. Please give me any feedback you can. Thank you.

Through the dark night sky a shinning Jade jewel attached to a necklace fell through the air. The jewel necklace crashed into the lake that created a ripple effect. Back on the grassy shore the girl, Mary held her hand just below her neck where the necklace once was. Her aqua oval eyes were filled with tears that over flooded onto her face.
Next to her was a sixteen-year-old boy that was only a year older than her, his name Samuel. He had his right arm extended out toward the lake and his head bowed. Samuel breathed heavily while every puff was filled in anger.
“How could you?” Mary cried. “How could you?!” Her tiny silk cheeks ran wet from the streams of tears that rolled down them to her chin. Mary’s light brown hair curled all the way down the back of her school uniform.
Samuel took a couple more breathes before he spoke. “Get over it. He’ll never come back no matter how long you hold onto that necklace.” Samuel gazed over to see Mary bend her feet up backward, taking off her shoes. After she took them off she started to run toward the water when Samuel grabbed her arm on the back swing. He pulled her back toward him, having her face him. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I don’t care what you say!” she yelled. “That necklace.” She paused for a moment then stared directly into his dark brown eyes. “That necklace is my whole life!”
Samuel brought himself closer to her. “Stop being stupid.”
Mary slapped him as hard as she could across the face with her free hand. She lowered her head to hide the new tears that fell from her eyes. “You, you nothing about me.”
“I know you’ve been in pain for the last year and a half,” he responded. Mary looked up to see that Samuel hadn’t moved his head since she slapped him. “You refuse to let anyone in even your parents. You can no longer see the beauty of the world around you.”
“What beauty is there?” she steamed.
“Look around you.”
Mary first looked toward the lake that glowed in the Luna light from the moon. Every single area sparkled like a brand new diamond. While she watched the lake in new amazement a small breeze walked across the land. She turned around. Rich grass spread across the area while the sky was filed with fireflies that danced for her amusement. Behind them were lovely painted trees that had blooming flowers that could be picked for a love one.
Mary finally forced her vision to the sky that was filled with only a bright full moon. She opened her mouth in awe. “I never knew it was this pretty out here.” Samuel took her other hand, spinning her back around to face him.
This time when she stared at him she saw a sad light in his eyes. His hair a gentle black that dropped down on all sides as if it just got out of the water without the wetness. He was muscularly fit and strong, opposite of her thin frame. Mary blinked a few times, knocking out the tears.
Samuel took one hand off her arm and putted his finger under Mary’s chin. “There is more beauty in this world than just him and his gifts.” Samuel leaned in and kissed her softly. They both let their eyes fall shut.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Church Stories: In love with my brother

This is a short story inspired by the old testament of the bible, Ammon and Tamar located in 2 Samuel 13:1-21. Though these stories are not the same they both deal with loving a sibling in a sinful way. If you have any other bible references that can go with it let me know and tell me what you think of the story. What you like and what you don’t. Just give me whatever feedback you can.

Church Stories: In love with my brother

Juan Balaba lifted up the last box that was on the ground into the truck that was parked in front of the office store. He swung the door closed before turning toward the street corner, staring at the man standing there with his arms folded and a bright red hat and jacket on. “Is there anything else your boss wants to return?” the man asked upset. “Like maybe the entire store.”
Juan slightly lowered his head and smirk. “No, that will be all.” He looked straight into the man’s eyes.
“Yeah, well it better be.” The man headed for the front of his truck.
Juan was a twenty-year-old, Filipino man that was in good shape for his age. His hair was the color of oil that spiked up in the middle, his skin had a healthy tan glow. He possessed two small piercing on the right side of his bottom lip and two big circle earrings in his ears. Juan had a sense of innocence to him while also having alluring black eyes; he wore jeans and gray shirt with a broken wooden cross around his neck.
Juan leaped onto the sidewalk, walking back into the store. The setting sun graced his skin.
Across the street, Jennifer and Alexis were walking side by side, laughing. Alexis gazed forward to spot Juan’s back. The Hispanic sixteen-year-old pointed to him. “Hey isn’t that your brother?”
Jennifer sent her attention to where her friend was pointing. “Yeah, that’s him. He has an extra shift today.” Jennifer had no piercings, unlike her brother, her skin was a lighter shade and she was a small thing only having a few curves seeing that she was still young. She had on a white and black strip top with jeans.
Alexis looked at Jennifer, confused. “I thought he was a musician?”
“He doesn’t really make any money off of that,” Jennifer stated. The two girls stopped at the corner of the street. Two cars drove by. “He’s really good, but he hasn’t met anyone he can really show his music to yet. So he works there since our parents died.”
“That’s why he dropped out of college, right?”
Jennifer nodded.
“That’s too bad. He’s cute; I bet he would have had a lot of fun there.”
Jennifer rolled her eyes. “I doubt it; my brother is really into being a good Christian, not one of those ‘fake Christians.’” She used air quotes around the ‘Fake Christian’ part. She then looked at where her brother was and smiled slightly.
“What’s a fake Christian?”
Jennifer stared at her friend with a smirk still on her face. “You know, people that say their Christian but don’t really act like it.”
“Sounds like my grandma.”
Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. “Could be. Anyway, I got to go and finish this homework before my teachers get ready to gang up and kill me.”
“Maybe if you didn’t wait to do it, until class everyday that wouldn’t happen,” Alexis joked.
“Ha, ha, I’ll see you later.” Jennifer waved to her friend then looked both ways, before she dashed across the street. She went to her right going toward the apartment buildings that were two blocks down.
That night, Juan was doing push-ups with his shirt off. His room was bare only having a closet, table, lamp, and bed, not even having a carpet for the wooden floor. The door to his room was painted sheet white and cracked slightly open. Jennifer was at the door.
Jennifer watched her brother while he worked out. Her eyes stayed glued to his back, watching as every muscle moved and the sweat rolled off his body. Juan’s hair had become damp from the continuous excise.
Juan did one more push up; afterward, he stood up to grab the towel that he had on his table. He wiped his face then threw the towel over his neck. “Jennifer, you don’t have to hide in the hallway. Come on in and tell me what you want.”
Jennifer opened the door, stepping into the room. Juan turned around, smiling at his little sister. Juan closed the gap between them with in just a couple of steps. He placed his hands down on top of his sister’s shoulders. “Are you ok?”
Jennifer lowered her head, having a glimmered of sadness in her eyes. Juan wrapped his hand under her chin, guiding it up toward him. He kissed the top of her forehead then lowered his head down and kissed her lips.
Jennifer’s eyes popped open. She was lying in her bed in her own room, staring up at the ceiling in the darkness.
The following day, Jennifer left her room, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She only had on a long night shirt that just went below her butt. She walked down the hallway that leaded her into the kitchen. Juan was already inside the room, cooking them both breakfasts. He scraped the bacon, eggs, and mini pancakes on two blue and white plates.
Juan shut off the stove then grabbed the plates, putting them on opposite sides of the round table. “Good morning, sleepy head,” he said cheerfully. Jennifer didn’t respond. She sat down still daze from just waking up. Juan went over to the counter, getting them both a cup of orange juice and silver wear.
Juan sat down and gave Jennifer her half of the dishes. He putted his own glass down, before he dug into his eggs with his fork. After taking a bit, he asked, “So how did you sleep last night?”
Jennifer clumsy grasped her cup almost knocking it over. She brought the cup to her small lips, taking a drink. She putted it down right above her plate. She didn’t respond to him or even look at him.
Juan just stared at her plate. “Jennifer.” He waited for a respond, but there was none. “Didn’t you hear me? Jennifer!”
Juan brought her gaze up. She looked into her brother’s eyes which were bigger than hers and considered much more admirable. She turned her body to the right, saying, “I need to get ready for school.” She pushed herself out the chair and went around it.
“You didn’t even eat,” he said.
“I’m fasting.” She left the room and headed for her room. Juan just stayed at the table dumbfounded. Jennifer shut her door behind her, locking it. She went over to her pink cover bed that matched the rest of her room. She dove to her knees, clasped her hands, shut her eyes, and bowed her head.
“God, forgive me for I have sinned,” her voice quivered. “I’ve fallen in love with my big brother and I don’t know what to do? Please, help me from loving my brother in this way and love him like a sister should. Amen.”
That night, Juan had just finished taking a shower after getting off his shift at work. He wrapped the towel on the counter around his waist. He left the bathroom, going down the hallway to his room.
Jennifer left her room. She had on a green basketball hat, jersey, with some rolled up blue jeans. Juan partly narrowed his eyes; he had his hands on the towel near the knot. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jennifer twisted her body in Juan’s direction. “You do know it’s a school night?”
“Juan, your starting to sound like a parent,” she said. “I’ll be back home before midnight so don’t worry.”
Juan halted a step away from Jennifer. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to his chest. “I thought tonight we could have some fun of our own.” Jennifer shook in her brother’s arms. He leaned in closer, being face to face with her.
Day and night from that day forward Jennifer would pray with no good coming from it. Whenever her brother wasn’t looking she would image or dream things about him, sometimes shirtless other times completely naked. When he had his back turned to her she stared at his butt. Whenever Juan looked at her she couldn’t look at him, afraid she might try to live out her fantasies in real life.
On Saturday evening a month later, Jennifer fell asleep on her bed. Another sinful dream came upon her which was the worst of them all. She and her brother were just about to have sex when the phone rang. The rang tone on her phone gently knocked Jennifer from her sleep. She rolled on her side, grabbing the phone that was on her side table.
She brought it to her ear. “Hello.”
“Hey Jenifer, I forgot my cross at home,” Juan said into the phone.
“And I need you to bring it to me. My boss won’t let me go back to the house to get it.”
“You’ve been without it all day, can’t you just wait?”
“I really need it,” he replied. “It’s been bugging me all day.”
“I don’t wanna.”
“Jennifer, you’ve been home all day. All I’m asking you is to make a small little trip down to where I work. Just bring it here ok.” Juan had hung up.
“But, uh.” She brought her phone in front of her, clicking the end button.
Jennifer entered her brother’s room, spotting a dirty shirt that was on the floor. Without any thought she dove next to it picking it up. She took a whiff of the shirt. Which kept her there for a minute.
A light hit her eye, getting her to look up. She saw the chip wooden cross hung on the lamp on the desk. She dropped the shirt and got off her knees. She went over to the cross, wrapping the string around her hand and clasp the cross in her hands. Her hands were practically shacking.
She bowed her head and shut her eyes for a silent prayer. She asked the lord one last time to free her from the evil thoughts that made her love her brother in a sinful way. This time at the end she called on Jesus’ name, before saying amen.
She headed out the room and to the office store. When she made it to the office store, Juan was exiting the building. He looked over to the side, spotting his little sis. He walked over to her. Jennifer kept her sight down to his feet.
“Jennifer, are you ok?”
She nodded.
“Then why aren’t you able to look at me?” Jennifer slowly raised her head, looking up into her brother’s eyes. She blinked for a second in amazement. She smiled as she handed her brother the cross. He thanked her and she turned around, heading home. Her smile boarded, knowing that when she looked at her brother she saw him for nothing more than that.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Land of the Weeping Soul: A brand new beginning PT.1

This is a new series I decided to start for online only. THis is only the first part of the first chapter I'm working on so don't be upset where it cuts off. Tell me what you think and what you might want to see.

Land of the Weeping Soul: A brand new beginning PT.1

“What’s happening to me?” Hiraku chocked. The moon was the only lighting in the park.
Hiraku a sixteen-year-old High School student stared bewildered by what was in front of him. His stomach and chest was pulled forward, his feet lifted off the ground, and from his belly a light white sphere was coming out.
Standing across from the boy was an old man with a jagged shape sword pointed toward the boy. “Don’t worry young man it all will be over soon.” The old man possessed a gray bread that dropped down to his feet and big black eyes in his head. A grape purple cloak was wrapped around the man’s body. The white ball floated toward the sword, being stabbed by it.
Lights flashed in different directions out of the sphere. A moment later, the ball became a pillar of light around the old man that lasted only a few seconds. When the light faded, the old man was no longer old. The cloak he wore was replaced by purple and black armor and a black belt that went over one shoulder and across his chest. The bread was gone and the hair on the top of his head was spilt in the middle and went down on each side, the color a misty blue. His once dark eyes became a grass green while his face and body resembled a healthy twenty-year-old.
The boy Hiraku that was floating in the air dropped to the ground. Hiraku’s hair was jagged, red on the right side with the rest being black and shaved down close to his head. He had a lean tone body that was covered by a yellow hoodie and gray shorts. He was unconscious.
The newly revive twenty-year-old pointed his sword up, staring at his reflection in the blade. He smirked, showing off his strong marble teeth. “Not bad. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen myself this young.”
“So this is where you hid yourself,” a voice came from the sky. The man sent his attention to the night sky. A twister came from the heavens and crashed to the ground; the twister vanished, revealing a girl around the fallen boy’s age. Her hair draped down to the back of her knees, being a hot pink with fire red eyes to match. She wore a short, pleaded, skirt that matched her hair and a dark yellow overcoat.
The girl’s eyes were deadly serious while glaring at the man. Both of her hands were curled up into fist. “I see you’re still stealing souls in order to keep that old fossil body of yours alive. When will you learn that immortality is out of reach for any person even a Soul Raider like yourself?”
The twenty-year-old Soul Raider turned the jagged side of his blade toward the girl. “It wouldn’t be impossible if annoying brats like you would stay out of the way with this latest soul I’ll finally destroy the weaker half of our dear race. After all, you’re just like me except you’re so weak you borrow what the humans and animals give you. It’s truly disgusting.”
The girl closed her eyes. “You never understood anything, Hayato.” An alluring white light wrapped around her body. Balls that resembled snow lifted up from the ground behind and around her. A spear extended out of each ball connecting it to each of its neighbors, until they were all one. They moved, condense, extended, and formed into an outline of a claw that rose over the Tokyo Park.
Hayato’s eyes shook in uneasiness. “What is that?”
“Now witness the power of borrowing over stealing.” The five individual claws came in together to form one single point. The point thrust forward, stabbing Hayato through the stomach. Hayato didn’t move and the claw went through him without shedding any blood or ripping his clothes and skin.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wolf Curse: First Chapter

This one of my first completed books. This is the first chapter to the book. I don't plan on posting the rest because I plan on publishing it. Tell what you think or could be change. Does it grab you as a reader?

Episode One
Hai, Lord Akira

Demon-eye samurai warriors stared at their wolf-like master on top of the wooden veranda of the Itô estate. They sat in front of the Itô family mansion’s front yard dressed not in armor but Kamishimo, the traditional samurai dress outside of armor in the dead of night, facing the lord of the house. In the four corners of the front yard realm were pits fire that lighted up the area as the moon and stars revealed the shadows of every man there. This was the first time in two years that all the samurai of the Itô clan had been summoned. The area was hush with the only noise, coming from the cracks of the fire.
“But, Lord Akira, we can help you,” a samurai yelled as he rose.
Lord Akira stood up, staring at all of his men who served him. The lord had two female servants, sitting next to him.
The flame’s light only revealed half of the young lord’s face. The lord was no older than sixteen. The front of his mane was spiky and unkempt, being the color the sparkling ocean, while his eyes resembled blood spilled on a battlefield. He was an attractive young man by the means of his face and body, the body was lean and muscular along with him wearing a white headband. He had on a black kimono with a cape that bared the Itô clan’s crest, the upside down crescent moon that had a circle at the top. The only thing that stuck out about him was the strange blue scar that was on his right cheek.
“Listen up, because I’m only going to say this once, I won’t allow you to die for my personal fight,” the young lord spoke in such strength that any normal man would be frighten to tears.
Without hesitation all the samurai shouted, “Hai, Lord Akira.”
Akira lowered his gaze to the floor for only a moment then looked back up at his great warriors. He replied, “Then you’re all dismissed, until further notice. Remember all your strength and courage must be use to protect this land of ours.” The rest of the samurai once again yelled the same phrase as before.
“Botan, Haru, come with me,” Akira demanded. The two servants beside him turned around, sliding opened the shoji doors, screen doors. Akira entered the house consumed by the shadows within. Haru and his son Botan got up from the crowd of samurai, following Lord Akira into his dwelling.
Botan and Haru closely followed Akira down the hall. A servant, holding a candle lamp walked in front of Akira, guiding his way. Akira was heading to his room, banging his feet against the wooden floor. The hall had no other light and when the light from the lamp touched part of the hall with its glow, it captured the amazing beauty of the shoji doors or the well polish wooden floors and walls.
Haru was in his thirties with his black hair tied back in the traditional samurai knot, eyes that were gray that looked like those of a bitter warrior, and his face was rough in addition to a scar from a sword under his chin. His son Botan had brown hair that looked liked it hadn’t seen a comb in years, being spread out in every direction, his eyes were jet black like that of a raven, and his appearance was young, being only three years older than his Lord.
“Lord Akira, what is it that you need from us?” asked the son.
Akira stopped in the middle of the hallway. Immediately after him Botan and Haru came to a standstill, worried flashed across their faces. They dove to their knees, bowing and apologizing for what Botan said. Akira glared back at them with killer eyes, saying, “I need you both for a special mission.”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Silk Robe
A robe of a goddess
Fell down from heaven
The touch itself made me love
This silk robe glowed like a gem
Giving me the idea to end my sadness
Like a bird in its egg
I traveled through the deadly forest
And down the road of kings
Marching through the greatest town
Where the princess sleeps
If I give her this gift
I knew she would notice me
On my way I fell
Meeting three knights of the same accord
They went and stole the robe from me
Passing on to the princess as their own
Once she went and put it on
She knew they were all just thieves
She threw them away and came to me
Kissing me once-so warm
Thanking me for the robe