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This is my fourth and final online series, until I finish one of them. Please don’t actually try any of these things except for the bible reading and reciting the words from the bible. The mark in the story came from an idea of something my pastor said. This is to have a total of 108 chapters. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Chapter One: Fall into the Holy Water
Daniel sat at the edge of his bed with his head bowed and hands interlocked on his lap, praying. Daniel possessed light brown skin, spiked snow white hair, and a lean muscular figure, being only twenty-five. He wore sandals and long black shorts that went over his knees. Daniel had finished his prayer to open his enlighten green eyes.
Daniel rose from his bed. He headed for the other side of the room, grabbing his silk black shirt from the wooden chair that was beside the cut out window that was made from clay. He stopped in front of the full length mirror when he pulled down the shirt from over his head.
“Do you really have to go?” a woman’s voice carried from the other side of the room. Daniel turned to see his wife, Samantha in the corner of the room next to their bed. Samantha who was only twenty was a lovely girl. She was lighter and thinner than her husband, having big hips and long black hair like night that was covered by a dirty brown veil. She wore a similar color grown that fell down below her feet. She carried a coat of many colors in her arms. “This is a very dangerous mission.”
Daniel said nothing. He stepped to her; each step echoed on the rock floor. Once he was in front of his wife he grabbed onto the coat she held. He gazed down into Samantha’s ocean color eyes. “God did not give me the spirit of fear I will do as the lord has told me.”
Samantha gazed lowered toward the ground. A running of tears formed in the young lady’s eyes as if she was losing her heart right before her eyes. “But I don’t wish you to die.”
“If you are worry about my life,” Daniel began. Samantha brought her gaze up to him. A small smirk appeared on his face. “Then pray every day that I am gone that I may return alive to you. If it is God’s will I will return back to you. If it is not God’s will he will provide comfort for you.”
“But my soul belongs to you.”
“Your soul belongs to God not me,” Daniel told her firmly. He softened his voice before he continued. “Stay faithful to him first and me second, my love.” He took the coat from her and tossed it onto his shoulders. He kissed her on the lips. “This is farewell, my love.” He headed for the door on the right side where he exited the room.
A bible held by a belt tied to Daniel’s waist bounced against his leg as he ran. Daniel ran through the empty city. The streets were covered in sand and the buildings were made from clay and rock. Daniel kept his vision straight for a moment, before he gazed at the building on his right.
Daniel leaped over to the building, grabbing onto the second floor window with one hand. He quickly scaled up the remaining six floors to pull himself onto the roof. He stood up. Daniel stared in the south direction of the building. At the end of the city was a large black gate that reached over eighty feet tall. The wind in the air pushed Daniel’s clothes and hair to the side. “So that’s the Devil’s Gate.”
Inside the Devil’s Gate, Daniel walked through the stone brick hallway. The hallway was lit with torches and doors scaled down both sides. Echoes of women screaming out in sexual orgy, men ordering more food and blood corroding screams filled the hall from the many rooms on the floor. Daniel kept his eyes focused on the darkness that was ahead of him.
As he made it further down the hall he heard less of one sound and more of another. Screams became louder in an ugly lust mixed in with a few darken screams. Daniel’s own steps could barely be heard. His posture was straight, marching almost like a relax solider.
Approximately twenty feet in front of Daniel was a large wooden door the height of the hallway. The numerous doors that scaled the hall stopped at this point, being replaced by lengthy warrior maidens and warrior men stone statues, holding up their swords to the sky. Daniel walked straight past the first half of them, then the eyes from these warrior’s came alive, shifting toward the man.
The stone mouths opened that released devilish screams so loud that every noise that once was coming from the other rooms halted. Daniel latched his hands over his ears, shutting his eyes. Daniel’s knees bent. “What is this ungodly sound, ahhhhhhhh!” Daniel lifted his head up to the sky just before he fell out unconscious on the floor. He had dropped on his side with his hands out in front of him.

Two arm guards with arrow point helmets dragged Daniel’s unconscious body into the main room of the Devil’s Gate. The room was made of golden yellow brick. The torches across the large room cast out all darkness from entering and in the very back of the room was a lake.
Standing in front of the lake was a tall man in his early forties. The man was draped in rich greenish gold clothing along with a blue cape, brown boots, and a pentagram around his neck. The man’s skin was just lighter than a tan, his cruel brown hair went down to his bared, and the color of his eyes was as deadly as the sea. “So this was the man that broke into my gate undetected?” the man questioned once they placed Daniel in front of him.
“Yes,” one of the guards said.
“Wake him up.”
The guard on Daniel’s right side let go of him. He balled his metal glove fist, punching the unconscious man across his face. Daniel’s eyes opened slightly automatically casting light into them his vision was fussy until he blinked to clear it up.
Daniel looked up to stare at the forty-something year old man in the face. “Who…” Daniel shut his eyes so tight they trembled. He reopened them fully first spotting the necklace and then the man’s face again. “Where am I? Who are you?”
The forty-year-old shifted his eyes toward the guard on the right. “Remove his clothes and check his arms for any marks.” The two guards removed Daniel’s coat of many colors and then yanked off his shirt. At the top of Daniel’s right arm was a tattoo of a cross with two J’s going dangler from each other on top of it. “I thought something was strange about you. You have the mark of the living God on you. At least that’s what people like you believe.”
Daniel glared at the man. “I see, they made you king of this gate. You’ve been the one to allow the people to follow the father of sin, Satan. You have the people of this land go against God’s teachings and will.”
“I help the people to be happy,” the man claimed. A smug smile had spread across his face, before licking his red make-up lips. “The things you claim to be sin are pleasurable to the body to the mind and souls of man. That is what I provide at the Human Gate.”
“The Lord has told me this gate is no gate for humans,” Daniel spoke boldly. “This is the gate of the devil that will lead everyone in it into the pit.”
“Who do you think you are?”
“I am a man of God,” Daniel answered. “My name means ‘God is my judge’ and I shall do as he commands me.”
The forty-year-old used his hand to brush his bared. “I am king Yaday, keeper of this gate and you claim you’re God who finds my works evil is all powerful if I remember the foolish word well enough.”
“Psalm 53:1, the fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good,” Daniel recited.
“Then why doesn’t he destroy this place? Why not destroy the people?”
“That is why he sent me and he does not destroy the people because he has mercy and love,” Daniel responded. “You built this demonic place over God’s glorious waters and he wants it back.”
Yaday looked back at the lake. “You mean this water behind me. I heard it was blessed by this God himself or was it his great prophets that did the deed.” Yaday wrapped his hand around his chin. “I can’t seem to remember what that last God fool servant said before I killed him.”
“May God have mercy on your soul.”
Yaday turned back around and lowered his arm. “What did you say?”
Daniel rose off the ground. The guards went into charge at the man. Daniel elbowed the guard on the right in the face. The guard stumbled back until he fell on his back. The other guard pointed his spear at Daniel as he moved forward.
Daniel slid to the side, dodging the attack and grabbing the spear. He tripped the man, the man fell right on his face. Daniel took the spear and stabbed it in the man’s hand. An agony scream muffed out of the ground.
Daniel brought his attention back to King Yaday. He dashed around the man, not even giving him enough time to back away. Daniel threw his arms around the sinful king, putting him in a choke hold. King Yaday tried to unlock the man’s arm as he was being pushed back.
The guard that wasn’t stab got up and prepared his weapon. “Stop!”
“In your son Jesus holy name I pray you save this soul today,” Daniel prayed. He continued to move both of them back to the lake.
“Release me you mad man,” the king ordered.
The solider charged with his spear.
“Save him so that he can save those who serve him.” Daniel fell back into the lake, dragging the king down with him. Under the water King Yaday continued his struggle to break free. The pentagram that was around his collar broke off, floating back up to the top on its way up the symbol cracked in several places then scattered and vanished all in a moment. The king’s mouth opened in shock.
Bubbles flowed out of his mouth as they continued to plummet. The king clenched his teeth as well as his eyes. Both their hair waved back and forth by the still liquid. Yaday dropped his hands from the God’s man arms. In the next couple of seconds, he opened his eyes halfway. Light entered his eyes; they fully opened for purity to sink in.
Days later, the Devil’s Gate was being demolished by every man, woman, and child that was in the land. People moved a brick at a time down a line into a pile. Others tore down pillars with the aid of hammers, swords, and spears. Few even blew out the torches in the many halls. The rest of the people who were not working stood in line to get baptize at the holy lake that was still surrounded by brick with the king doing the dipping.
“Acts 1:5-8, “for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in His own authority. “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witness to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,”” Daniel read from his bible.
Daniel read as he walked up the sand hill that was outside the city. He had tied a belt over his shoulder and across his chest that held bottles of holy water and oil. The sandy wind blew his hair and clothes to the side.

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