Friday, April 30, 2010

Wolf Curse: First Chapter

This one of my first completed books. This is the first chapter to the book. I don't plan on posting the rest because I plan on publishing it. Tell what you think or could be change. Does it grab you as a reader?

Episode One
Hai, Lord Akira

Demon-eye samurai warriors stared at their wolf-like master on top of the wooden veranda of the Itô estate. They sat in front of the Itô family mansion’s front yard dressed not in armor but Kamishimo, the traditional samurai dress outside of armor in the dead of night, facing the lord of the house. In the four corners of the front yard realm were pits fire that lighted up the area as the moon and stars revealed the shadows of every man there. This was the first time in two years that all the samurai of the Itô clan had been summoned. The area was hush with the only noise, coming from the cracks of the fire.
“But, Lord Akira, we can help you,” a samurai yelled as he rose.
Lord Akira stood up, staring at all of his men who served him. The lord had two female servants, sitting next to him.
The flame’s light only revealed half of the young lord’s face. The lord was no older than sixteen. The front of his mane was spiky and unkempt, being the color the sparkling ocean, while his eyes resembled blood spilled on a battlefield. He was an attractive young man by the means of his face and body, the body was lean and muscular along with him wearing a white headband. He had on a black kimono with a cape that bared the Itô clan’s crest, the upside down crescent moon that had a circle at the top. The only thing that stuck out about him was the strange blue scar that was on his right cheek.
“Listen up, because I’m only going to say this once, I won’t allow you to die for my personal fight,” the young lord spoke in such strength that any normal man would be frighten to tears.
Without hesitation all the samurai shouted, “Hai, Lord Akira.”
Akira lowered his gaze to the floor for only a moment then looked back up at his great warriors. He replied, “Then you’re all dismissed, until further notice. Remember all your strength and courage must be use to protect this land of ours.” The rest of the samurai once again yelled the same phrase as before.
“Botan, Haru, come with me,” Akira demanded. The two servants beside him turned around, sliding opened the shoji doors, screen doors. Akira entered the house consumed by the shadows within. Haru and his son Botan got up from the crowd of samurai, following Lord Akira into his dwelling.
Botan and Haru closely followed Akira down the hall. A servant, holding a candle lamp walked in front of Akira, guiding his way. Akira was heading to his room, banging his feet against the wooden floor. The hall had no other light and when the light from the lamp touched part of the hall with its glow, it captured the amazing beauty of the shoji doors or the well polish wooden floors and walls.
Haru was in his thirties with his black hair tied back in the traditional samurai knot, eyes that were gray that looked like those of a bitter warrior, and his face was rough in addition to a scar from a sword under his chin. His son Botan had brown hair that looked liked it hadn’t seen a comb in years, being spread out in every direction, his eyes were jet black like that of a raven, and his appearance was young, being only three years older than his Lord.
“Lord Akira, what is it that you need from us?” asked the son.
Akira stopped in the middle of the hallway. Immediately after him Botan and Haru came to a standstill, worried flashed across their faces. They dove to their knees, bowing and apologizing for what Botan said. Akira glared back at them with killer eyes, saying, “I need you both for a special mission.”

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