Thursday, May 6, 2010

Land of the Weeping Soul: A brand new beginning PT.1

This is a new series I decided to start for online only. THis is only the first part of the first chapter I'm working on so don't be upset where it cuts off. Tell me what you think and what you might want to see.

Land of the Weeping Soul: A brand new beginning PT.1

“What’s happening to me?” Hiraku chocked. The moon was the only lighting in the park.
Hiraku a sixteen-year-old High School student stared bewildered by what was in front of him. His stomach and chest was pulled forward, his feet lifted off the ground, and from his belly a light white sphere was coming out.
Standing across from the boy was an old man with a jagged shape sword pointed toward the boy. “Don’t worry young man it all will be over soon.” The old man possessed a gray bread that dropped down to his feet and big black eyes in his head. A grape purple cloak was wrapped around the man’s body. The white ball floated toward the sword, being stabbed by it.
Lights flashed in different directions out of the sphere. A moment later, the ball became a pillar of light around the old man that lasted only a few seconds. When the light faded, the old man was no longer old. The cloak he wore was replaced by purple and black armor and a black belt that went over one shoulder and across his chest. The bread was gone and the hair on the top of his head was spilt in the middle and went down on each side, the color a misty blue. His once dark eyes became a grass green while his face and body resembled a healthy twenty-year-old.
The boy Hiraku that was floating in the air dropped to the ground. Hiraku’s hair was jagged, red on the right side with the rest being black and shaved down close to his head. He had a lean tone body that was covered by a yellow hoodie and gray shorts. He was unconscious.
The newly revive twenty-year-old pointed his sword up, staring at his reflection in the blade. He smirked, showing off his strong marble teeth. “Not bad. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen myself this young.”
“So this is where you hid yourself,” a voice came from the sky. The man sent his attention to the night sky. A twister came from the heavens and crashed to the ground; the twister vanished, revealing a girl around the fallen boy’s age. Her hair draped down to the back of her knees, being a hot pink with fire red eyes to match. She wore a short, pleaded, skirt that matched her hair and a dark yellow overcoat.
The girl’s eyes were deadly serious while glaring at the man. Both of her hands were curled up into fist. “I see you’re still stealing souls in order to keep that old fossil body of yours alive. When will you learn that immortality is out of reach for any person even a Soul Raider like yourself?”
The twenty-year-old Soul Raider turned the jagged side of his blade toward the girl. “It wouldn’t be impossible if annoying brats like you would stay out of the way with this latest soul I’ll finally destroy the weaker half of our dear race. After all, you’re just like me except you’re so weak you borrow what the humans and animals give you. It’s truly disgusting.”
The girl closed her eyes. “You never understood anything, Hayato.” An alluring white light wrapped around her body. Balls that resembled snow lifted up from the ground behind and around her. A spear extended out of each ball connecting it to each of its neighbors, until they were all one. They moved, condense, extended, and formed into an outline of a claw that rose over the Tokyo Park.
Hayato’s eyes shook in uneasiness. “What is that?”
“Now witness the power of borrowing over stealing.” The five individual claws came in together to form one single point. The point thrust forward, stabbing Hayato through the stomach. Hayato didn’t move and the claw went through him without shedding any blood or ripping his clothes and skin.

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