Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lydia & Jacob

This is a short story I wrote a while back. Please let me know if want to see more of this story or see something else. Please give feed back.
Jacob & Lydia: Food Court

“Lydia!” a voice called. The world was covered in darkness. “Lydia!” the voice became louder, howling in a panic. She opened her eyes, letting the light cast out the darkness. Lydia saw her good friend, Jacob Scott, sitting across from her.
Lydia Pink was a fifth teen-year-old girl. Lydia was a pretty girl having light chocolate brown hair that went down over her shoulders, sprinkling blue eyes that had an ocean of sapphires beat, and fair skin, except the awkward bump in the middle of her forehead. She wore a dove color T-shirt with jeans.
Lydia and Jacob were having lunch at the plaza, taking a must needed break from shopping. Lydia had a row of small shopping bags under her feet. She had dazed out, having another one of her daydreams. As always Jacob was worried whenever she got into that zone. One time she was out for a whole day, dreaming of something she refuse to tell anyone.
Jacob was a year older than Lydia, but had been her friend for the last six years since they met that day in the park. They were around each other so much their friends actually nicknamed them Lydob. Jacob was a good-looking guy that all the girls wanted to date. He had a tone lean body, natural midnight black hair that spiked, and a bit of a tan, but not enough to really notice, and dark brown eyes that girl’s got lost in. He had on a similar outfit to Lydia’s, except he had on an oil black shirt.
“Are you ok?” Jacob asked. Jacob was holding a hamburger in between his two massive hands. He leaned over the round stone table a little to get a better look into her eyes. His eyes narrowed as he focused on them.
Lydia had a soda in her right hand and pushed him back with her left. “Would you stop it,” she said as if it were a joke. “I’m fine. It’s just the muse of an angel coming over me.”
Jacob bit into his hamburger like a dog. He swallowed, keeping a hard glare on his friend. “You call it a muse. I call it creepy.” Lydia was a brilliant painter whenever she went into one of her daydreams it inspired her to paint stunning works that people would buy in little less than a week. She even painted a picture of Jacob being buff that inspired him to start picking up weights in the first place.
“Come on, I wasn’t out for that long,” Lydia stated. She took a sip from her drink, letting her eyes wonder. She took her lips off the straw. “Was I?”
“Just for a couple of minutes,” Jacob assured her. He flashed her snow white smile with little meat chunks in between his teeth. “So what did the angels send you this time? Maybe the girl I’ll go with to the homecoming dance.” He laughed at his own joke.
Lydia smiled. “Get real. No, I saw a yellow background with a white hole in the middle. Red and green balloons were flying up into the heavens.”
“Balloons?” Jacob questioned. She had never pictured anything without a living thing before.
“Yeah, in my head it symbolized a powerful statement of being free,” she went on. She lowered her gaze. “At least that’s what I got from it.” She put her mouth around the straw, drinking more of the cold liquid.
Jacob tilted his head, examining her. “You’re lying.”
Lydia laughed. She grabbed her bags from under the table, leaving the cup on top. “I need to go home.” She scooted out of her chair and stood up. Jacob stood up about to stop her. “I need to sketch this so you know what I mean. Anyway you’ll be late meeting the guys.” She quickly left the table, thinking to herself what she couldn’t tell Jacob. That she saw him and her under the balloons, holding one another so close it was impossible to deny what they were doing.

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